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Hello, I'm Paul Kamau,

the creator of RuggedCaffeine

RuggedCaffeine is a social network for coffee lovers to meet, explore the pleasures of coffee, and build new relationships.

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RuggedReformers is a social network for the Reformed Christian community to make friends, build fellowships and share all thing pertaining to the Reformed Christian life: Sermons, Bible verses, books, art, music, questions or apologetic materials.

RuggedProjects is a project management tool built to make your work fun and productive. Our goal is simple: We want to enable people and businesses to collaborate and build great products on a platform that inspires productivity.

RuggedTasks is a task management service built to bring out your ideas, manage tasks, chat, and enhance collaboration in a vibrant and productive way.

RuggedCaffeine is an online community built on conservative values

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